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The beauty tool hype!

July 8, 2018

Last month, CANVAS Singapore introduced our facial rollers made from Jade stone ! People are going 'gaga'  over the new, ancient beauty tool. Read on to find out why Aimee Song, Alicia Keys or Miranda Kerr use these rollers in their skincare regime. Let's start rolling...



​Why Jade or Rose Quartz?


Jade is considered a symbol of beauty, grace and longevity in Chinese society. These precious jade rollers were part of every wealthy and powerful women’s beauty chest in ancient China. Jade rollers can be found in modern day spas.


Did you know that this semiprecious stone is naturally cool? 


Rose Quartz known as the Crystal of Venus, is the ultimate beauty crystal. Egyptians believed rose quartz had anti-aging properties. It is thought that the Goddess Isis would gather tumbled stones of rose quartz by the Nile river where she used these as facial massage stones to keep the complexion clear and prevent wrinkles. 


Both rollers are ideal for fine lines, saggy skin and even great for irritated skin conditions. 

The Benefits!


1) Soothe and relax facial muscles

2) Increase circulation

3) Stimulates detoxification by lymphatic drainage

4) Aid absorption of your skin care

5) Reduces under-eye puffiness

6) Help to tighten pores since these stones are naturally cool 

7) These rollers are fuss free, you can take them anywhere and use them anytime


So what's the difference?


Other than the Rose Quartz being more luxurious i