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Rose Quartz Roller


Egyptians had the belief that rose quartz had anti-aging properties. The tumbled stones of rose quartz by the Nile river were often used as facial massage stones to keep the complexion wrinkle free.Known as the 'love stone' for its warmth and healing properties the rose quartz roller has has a combination of minerals including silicium, magnesium and iron which tremendous help inflammation and support the renewal of skin cells.Our 3rd generation rollers, are newly designed to not squeak, as many of the older designs do.All our rollers work in harmony with our skin face oil serums to give you the best results possible.* Now FREE with a full size skincare line from Absolute Age Recovery Series
    • Anti-aging 
    • Reduce inflammation 
    • Supports the transfer of oxygen to the skin
    • Improves skintone, luster and glow