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Jade Roller

Jade is a natural gemstone to have natural healing properties. Due to stressful lifestyle and habits, our facial muscles suffer from stored tension which can cause fine lines and in the long run, wrinkles.The jade roller is a perfect tool for not only its cooling properties but a perfect source of rolling out the built up tension spots. The upward motion of using a jade roller will help to promote blood circulation around your facial muscles which will help to plump up your skin.

Material: Green Aventurine Jade

* Newly improved roller that comes with gift box, travelling pouch. The only roller in Singapore with patent hinges that ensure smooth and silent rolling.

  • 1) Soothe and relax facial muscles

    2) Increase circulation

    3) Stimulates detoxification by lymphatic drainage

    4) Aid absorption of your skin care

    5) Reduces under-eye puffiness

    6) Help to tighten pores since these stones are naturally cool 


    These rollers are fuss free, you can take them anywhere and use them anytime

  • Tip #1: Pop your roller in the fridge before using them, for more OOMPH!, it is heaven sent in our warm and humid weather


    Tip#2: Use one of our CANVAS Mist to mist your face throughout the process to plump your skin cells and increase penetration of your serum/moisturizer


    Tip#3: Use with the sheet mask of your choise, roll and push all the goodness into your skin, for better absorption.