Anti Aging Set


This kit is a great starter kit for the absolute age recovery set. The firming eye concentrate is a luxurious cream that nourishes the skin to keep fine lines at bay. Just a pea size is required each time. This will last you at least 6 months! The skin renewal refiner is a pleasant exfoliator, that removes dead skin for a soft and smooth skin finish. Use the collagen firming mask after you exfoliate to reap the maximum benefits. Great savings in this bundle

  • Skin Renewal Refiner (15ml): A powerful, yet gentle treatment to exfoliate dead surface skin cells and stimulate cell renewal process. Enriched with fruit extracts, this very gentle, soft formula is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.


    Collagen Firming Mask (15ml): A nourishing facial mask designed to restore skin elasticity and structure. On application, the luxurious texture envelopes the face in an active shielding therapy while a blend of 9 essential oils creates a sensuous experience to infuse skin with new softness and luminosity. Skin feels silky smooth, soft and restored.


    Firming Eye Concentrate (15ml) : Concentrated eye cream specially designed for delicate skin around the eyes to restore the softness and beauty of skin. Smooth fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet by inhibiting collagen decomposition, and improving suborbital micro-circulation and drainage.