Age Recovery Travel Kit


Diminish the visible signs of ageing and stimulate cell growth and tissue repair. This kit is suitable for dry or dry combination skin. These help to leave skin soft, smooth and restore skin’s youthful look.


This kit includes 1 x Neroli Balancing Mist (15ml) , 1x Skin Renewal Refiner (15ml) and 1x Collagen Firming Mask (15ml). 

  • Neroli Balancing Mist

    A pure, skin-toning and alcohol-free mist which powerfully promotes hydration, tone, and cellular regeneration to skin. It also has astringent, anti-bacterial, detoxifying and regenerative properties.


    Skin Renewal Refiner

    A powerful, yet gentle treatment to exfoliate dead surface skin cells and stimulate cell renewal process.Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.


    Collagen Firming Mask

    A nourishing facial mask designed to restore skin elasticity, structure, and suppleness for an ultimate lifting effect.